LGBTQ+ Focussed Massage in Hackney

A focus of Holistic Therapeutics is to provide an inclusive, welcoming, and judgement-free service to all my clients. 

Being part of the LGBTQ+ community myself, I understand that we can have specific needs and can often experience barriers when accessing massage services due to judgement, stigma and a lack of awareness amongst therapists of specific needs we may have.

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My Massage Services

I offer a range of services that are specifically related to health and wellbeing complexities within our community. This includes: 

  • massage for muscular pain related to binding 
  • consent led and trauma-informed massage 
  • scar tissue massage post surgeries or trauma
  • massage for the impact that taking hormone treatments can have
  • massage to relax the mind, body and soul from the impact that mental health complexities can have on our health and wellbeing

Massage Binder Healing

It’s my mission as a massage therapist to provide a safe, inclusive, and judgement-free space where my clients can access the massage treatments that they need. Chest binding can cause several painful symptoms that can be relieved through massage. At holistic therapeutics, it is so important to me to offer massage services to enable you to continue to use your binder comfortably, minimizing the potential risk of chronic pain. 

At Holistic Therapeutics in Hackney, I focus on a holistic approach rather than focusing on a particular place, ensuring that you feel comfortable and relaxed during the treatment.

What Symptoms Could Be from My Binder?

Tips for Binding-Related Pain Relief

The restricted range of motion from chest binding can cause tension and pain in your muscles. Holistic massage therapy can truly help heal these muscles and make binding considerably less painful for you.

You may be experiencing pain:

  • in your shoulders
  • in between your shoulder blades
  • in your chest (pec major & pec minor)


My holistic massage techniques have you at the centre. I’m a registered nurse and massage therapist in Hackney who is passionate about providing massage options that allow you to relieve pain without sacrificing your sense of self. 

Try stretches that open up your chest. 

  1. Place your hand on a wall and slowly turn your chest outwards, keeping your shoulders straight and breathing deeply. This stretches your collarbone, all the way down to your fingertips.
  2. Place both hands on a door frame above you, and lean forward, feeling the stretch through your chest. Move your arms down the doorframe to stretch different parts of the chest.


Practice strengthening your back muscles, so that they can support your chest. This includes trying exercises that work your back muscles. 

Sleep on your back – this will give your body time to open up your chest.

  • Try sleeping with a rolled-up blanket sitting lengthways under your spine, as this will help open up your chest even more while you sleep.
There are multiple ways I aim to make my service inclusive some of which include: 
  • I am continually researching and studying about LGBTQ+ specific complexities and pathologies 
  • I have a massage mentor who is an experienced specialist LGBTQ+ massage therapist 
  • I recognise that everyone is individual and has different needs and I design individual treatment plans for each and every client whether you are attending for a one off massage or book a package. 
  • I recognise the trauma our community can and has experienced and I adapt my practice to meet individual needs
  • I respect and see that every body is beautifully different  

Get in Touch

My LGBTQ+ Massage Therapies are available to anyone in the community to access massage treatments in a safe and judgement-free space.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch to talk about any of my treatments, how it works, to book, or to just get to know me.

Send an email to, or call 07845 645 794 today, I’m here to help.

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